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Our Drystack Panels - Authentic, Durable, Simple Installation.

"Screw-on and Walk away" Installation 

No Mortar required. Silverwood Stone has designed and manufactured our Drystack line of products to deliver the uncompromising look of hand laid, hand cut stone, with a simple, secure installation. Our unique 3 step production process results in the most natural looking stone on the market today that attaches in a way unlike anything you've seen. 

Repels Water Like a Siding. Looks like Stone.  

Sounds simple, but the many competitive products in the industry do not hold out water.  The Canadian climate is like no other, and requires products like no other.  The Canadian National Building Code Requires protection against substantial ingress.

Self Hiding Fastener,Patent Pending Fastening System

  • Self-hiding, self-sealing fastening system.
    • Drive screws through rubber inserts embedded in the “mortar joints” of the panel.
    • Screw head seats against interior concrete shoulder
    • Rubber encloses the head of the screw as screw-driver tip is withdrawn. 
    • Sounds complicated? Its not. Here's a quick video:

We Have the Details

Corners, Trims, and utility plug surrounds. These details matter and we have them covered. Our two-piece Flex Corners provide a realistic corner unit that blends seamlessly with our panels or use just Flex Corners alone to build up a beautiful column with no cuts required. 

Durability. Made in Canada, For Canada.

Silverwood Stone products are made with pride in beautiful Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, from high-strength, lightweight, concrete, nothing more, nothing less. We use the highest quality aggregates, cement powders, colors and admixtures. Thanks to our rigorous third party testing, we can ensure that Silverwood Stone can withstand even the harshest Maritime Climate adding value to your home for years to come.

New for 2015! Regal stone marries fiery earth tones with dramatic contrast to give your project the POP it's looking for

Contemporary shades for your contemporary style. Elegant. Rich

Silverwood Stone manufactures masonry products using the best additives in the industry and strives for realistic color replication and performance.

 Product images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. As with any building material, we recommend you make your choice of Silverwood Stone product based on actual samples at your local dealer/retailer. Due to the nature of high-strength concrete slight color variations may occur in the finished product.

Inspired by the banks of the Bay of Fundy, Fundy Slate will add subtle contrast and lasting style to your project

Let relaxing earth tones from the shores of Nova Scotia complement your build