IS your stone too heavy for my wall?

Our Stone weighs only 13.5 lbs per square foot and meets the maximum weight per square foot outlined by ICBO-ICC AC51 of 15 lbs. Silverwood Stone is suitable for installation on exterior walls to a height of 30 feet. For installation on unsupported interior walls and exterior cantilevered faces, please seek structural advisement.  Conventional, competitive stone-at-a-time adhered veneers will usually weigh less per square foot but will require .75" thick bed of mortar that can drive installed weights to around 20-25 lbs per square foot. 


can i use an impact driver to install it?

Our recommendation is to not use an impact driver. as it can over drive the screws through the panel.  Use of a conventional cordless screw driver is recommended as it will allow the installer to develop a much better feel for when the screws are seated in the interior of the panel. 


is it difficult to cut?

Difficult? No. Dusty? Yes. Silverwood is cut with conventional masonry diamond blades available at most hardware stores. Blades can be installed on angle grinders, chop saws, or cut-off saws. Care must be take when wet-cutting to avoid the cut paste from ADHERING to the surface of the stone. Wet cutting with re-circulated water is strongly discouraged. Always use appropriate dust, eye, and ear protection when cutting. 


do i need to seal it?

No. Use of sealants or stains for decorative purposes is at the discretion and risk of the owner.


Will it hold up to harsh coastal climates?

how about freeze/thaw cycles?

While consideration should always be made for uniquely harsh building sites, Silverwood Stone is designed specifically with the harsh Atlantic climate in mind. Silverwood Stone is one a very few concrete stone products that actually performs as you would expect a siding: It holds out water. High compressive strength and air ENTRAINment allow Silverwood to be highly resistive to DEGRADATION and spauling that can result from freeze-thaw cycling.


do i need to install a rain screen product before            silverwood stone?

Yes, absolutely. in addition to air barrier a 10 mm rain-screen product is recommended behind all Silverwood Stone installations. Our RECOMMENDED product is Mortairvent by advanced building products. MortairVent is available with your Silverwood Stone order.


how can you guarantee your product for life?

The shape we form and the installation method of Silverwood Stone is innovative and unique. The material we use, high-quality concrete is not. The long term performance of concrete as a material is well documented and understood. In addition to a high-quality mix that exceeds industry minimum by a factor of 2, we only use high-end admixtures and brand name coloring pigments. We stand behind our product with a life-time guarantee.  


what is silverwood stone made of?


Concrete, Nothing more, nothing less.


how do i clean the stone after it is installed?

A dry brush and shop vac is RECOMMENDED for removing dust from cut product. Wetting the stone during cleaning may create a paste that is difficult to remove.  


Can silverwood stone be installed over styrofoam?

Yes. Silverwood Stone is easily installed over 1" of styrofoam with the use of longer fasteners (3" vs. 2.25") When placing your order, indicate that you are installing over 1" styrofoam. Installation over 1" of styrofoam will require strapping or plywood installed over styrofoam. 


Your Panels are a specific length, how do I cut one to length, as would be required between two outside corners?

See installation manual for specific instructions. 


Do I need to use flashing above your ledge pieces?

Yes, always flash in accordance with building code and local conditions.  


Is it ok to use around fireplace?

Yes. Silverwood Stone is formed from conventional concrete and is considered to be non-combustible. Conventional clearances outlined by building code and fireplace manufacture should always be used.