Get the results of a mason without the mason


Hand mortared stone has always added the elements of strength, longevity and luxury to architecture. The goal of the MasonLine system is to tap into that same vein of pride and craftsmanship that drove stonemasons to create the century-old structures that still inspire us today.


Through relentless R&D and rigorous third party testing, MasonLine offers:

  • Old-world, mortared stone charm with a secure and simple screw on design

  • Maritime weather durability- no adhesives to fail from rapid and frequent freeze-thaw cycles

  • Seamless design from panel to panel, corner to corner

  • One-piece TrueStone Corners give authentic full-stone appearance

  • Highest compressive strength on the market through the use of high-strength reinforced concrete

  • Silverwoods Tru-Depth accenting technique and coloring system

  • Can be drilled and easily applied to todays advanced ICF systems

  • Large 2.5sqft footprint speeds installation and adds strength

  • Defined channels make mortaring joints much easier




Silverwood Stone manufactures masonry products using the best additives in the industry and strives for realistic color replication and performance.

We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible. Product images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. As with any building material, we recommend you make your choice of Silverwood Stone product based on actual samples at your local dealer/retailer.