Silverline Drystacks’ patent-pending veneer system delivers the uncompromising look of hand-cut, hand-laid stone with simple and secure installation. Its unique 3-part composition provides the most natural looking stone on the market.

3 Unique hand poured layers make the backbone of every Silverwood Stone product:

1.       Tru-Depth Accent: Provides the natural color variation and grain that you’d expect from natural stone. A proprietary accenting technique is used during this process specially designed to last and add depth to every stone. Unlike the industry wide use of powdered face accenting Tru-Depth coloring will not wash-out or fade over time.

2.       Individually Colored Stones- Base colored mix fills the individual stones in each panel to a minimum of 1/2” delivering randomized unique stone to stone colouring. . In-house our engineers use state-of-the-art mold making technology and utilize advanced silicone polymers to perfectly replicate the local stones that inspire our lines. The colour depth tolerance of each singular stone also ensures that any damage to the stone (i.e. from a vehicle mishap) is concealed by revealing identical color.

3.       High Compression Backer- The remainder of the panel is filled with an engineered blend of high strength concrete and tensile reinforcing macro fibers to deliver industry crushing compressive strength.